Moonlit Mushrooms -  Parasol Mushroom Etching Print

Moonlit Mushrooms - Parasol Mushroom Etching Print

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This etching was created on a copper plate. Originally drawn because I wanted to ID the fungi before we ate it - or at least have a record before it was eaten. it became a line plate that was then aquatinted and printed.

A true etching always has a dent around the edge and the paper should be torn to show the deckled edge. This etching print has this quality

Perfect Print for a kitchen, office or lounge - perhaps not a bedroom unless you are really into fungi. 

Edition of 30.   Image 5.25x8.75in (13.25x22.25cm), paper 14.74x 10.5 (37.5x26.5cm)

The Etching Print is unframed but cellophane wrapped. 

It is a neat oblong and when I have time to photograph it properly I will replan this image.

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