WOW! ON-line Presents its Presents

WOW! Gallery has been on-line since it opened its Gallery premises in 2007, but we now just sell on-line,  with free Delivery if you happen come from our home town of Dorking, Surrey. If you are a local just put in your order as if you were paying with Click and Collect, and we will give you a call to confirm a delivery time.

When you are looking for a present everyone should start at a budget...then consider what the intended person really likes.  So our site is split into under £50 and over £50 items. We may change that to have a under £30 bracket - but its been such a pain to get the new website up we are sticking at 2 levels for the time being.  One item may jump out at you but if not search by an idea - like a cheese knife, or vase or earrings, and you will find a list of what is available at that time. We now longer show items that are not in-stock as it takes a while to get items from the artists who we have had long relationships with, and our new stockists are sometimes surprisingly slow to deliver to. So we just sell what we have and ship within a couple of days so that you get your purchases quickly.

The On-line WOW! stock still has best of British items but we have extended it to find items that appeal to a broader audience. and by typing in keywords into the website's search area should you should be able to easily find something to suit all tastes, styles and pockets.

Have a happy time trawling around our new site, and we look forward to seeing what you are purchasing and shipping it on to you in due course.

Have a great day     Caroline - Owner The WOW Gallery